"The uncertainty of being or not being that is the question, and for me a very personal one.

After deliberation on the topic for some time it has occurred to me that it is a journey taken alone and introspectively.   Personally, it was fraught with uncertainty and demanded a search of the inner self, a self-discovery that was sometimes confronting, sometimes objectionable, but never meaningless.

Confronted by life threatening illness some time ago, made me rethink the importance that art had in my life and a rediscovery of myself as an emerging artist.

Uncertainty is reflected in the colour, imagery and mood of the painting.

It is a depiction of my emotions and uncertain future."

 - Marika Brand



Marika Brand was born in Hungary in 1956 and moved to Sweden1965.

Marika emigrated to Australia in the 1970s.  She undertook Tertiary education, and in 1977, in Melbourne, she graduated with the Certificate of Technology and Architectural Drafting  at Holmesglen Moorabbin 

      The following sets out Marika’s working and artistic career

  • Interior Designer in several Melbourne Architectural firms

  • In 1986 became a partner in Piotrowski Brand PL Architects

  • attended the Victoria College Prahran Campus Faculty of Art and studied Design, Etching and Printmaking on a part time basis.

  • Was a Member of the Beaumaris Art Society where she has undertaken further studies of Stone Sculpture, Painting and Still Life.

  • In 1999-2004 she attended the Linden Galley, St Kilda, to study Still Life, figure and portraits

Artist statement

                                      “The painting and the abstraction has been a constant in my life since my childhood and has always been there. Whilst life took many twists and turns, my painting kept me focused and fulfilled.”

Gallery comment

After working with Patrick Moss at The Linden Gallery, Marika developed an individual style of sketching, drawing in charcoal and ink  that formed the basis of the free-flowing fast technique of working in ink that is prominent in her paintings today.

Her inspiration is abstract expressionism with artists such as Pollock, Frankenthaler, Gorky and Whiteley encouraging and nurturing her own style.



Organic and freeform shapes that extend over the whole surface of the canvas with the use of abstract language draw the viewer into the picture. The intense, dynamic movement and vibrancy of the colours and the fluidity of her painting is achieved through diluting the canvas directly with paint and ink.

Marika’s work has recently been exhibited at Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham.


Beaumaris Art Group StudiosIabella De Soyes - Life Drawing Award